Speeding Up Your Dance Progress

Many of us think of our primary teacher as our dance coach. At most times, this is true. However, having a secondary dance teacher take a look at your dancing can make all the difference in the world. We call these people professional dance coaches.  Usually, in a studio setting, the studio will offer you the opportunity to take a coaching session with one of these professionals, who is often from out of town, and is a champion dancer of some sort, or has been teaching for over twenty years and has judged competitions. I’ve heard from some students, “But you’re such a good teacher, why would I want to take one of these coachings?” Well, those professionals act as a sort of “third eye” – in these sessions, the coach will look at a dance or two of your choosing and give you tips on improving your quality of movement, styling, and exercises that you and your teacher can use to work on those aspects. Coaches can also provide unique and stellar choreography for any performance and/or competition that you may be participating in.

Now, you’ll be given quite a bit of information in these sessions, but you won’t be expected to remember all of it on your own. That’s why your primary teacher takes the lesson with you: they’ll take notes and keep a record of what the coach gives you, so that you can work on it in the future. This makes taking a coaching a great investment in your dancing! “But,” you may be saying to yourself, “I’ve only been dancing six months. I’m not ready for a professional coach!” The bottom line is, everyone is ready for a coach at any and every point in their dancing. Like we’ve mentioned before, your primary instructor will be there with you, taking notes. That information is specific to you and your dancing. So the next time you’re in a lesson with your instructor, ask when a coach will be coming in and offering sessions. You’ll see your dancing progress skyrocket!