Workin’ It Out Through Dance

by Patti Smith

It’s no secret that dancing is great exercise, and more and more people are realizing that now with the invention of dance-inspired workout programs such as Zumba, LaBlast, and salsa aerobics. TV shows and celebrities are also jumping on the bandwagon. You have the Dancing with the Stars and the So You Think You Can Dance home workout programs. Such dance celebrities as Julianne Hough with her cardio exercise, and Louis van Amstel with his LaBlast program. Let’s first examine the reason why these workout programs have become so popular.

  • FUN

Nobody likes to spend hours on a treadmill, and everybody enjoys great music. Breaking a sweat is more enticing and less noticeable when there are a combination of interesting, fun movements for you to do.

  • Social aspect

In our minds, going to dance with a group of people seems much less like a workout and more like a party. And who doesn’t want to go to a party? Not to mention that working out with a buddy provides support, accountability, and structure.

  • Ease

Most of your dance workout programs are low-impact on the joints and high-impact on the cardio. A good dance workout program is put together in a way where you start with a basic movement and build on it from there.

Now let’s talk about how these dance-inspired workouts compare to a traditional ballroom dance class.

  • No partner needed, but appreciated

In your dance workout class, you will not be dancing with a partner in dance hold. What you are going to do is strengthen the skills that are needed when you do, which will be much appreciated by any dance partners you may have.

  • Cardio

In a traditional ballroom class, you will move around plenty, but probably not enough to break a sweat or even get your heart rate up (unless you’re dancing with someone particularly attractive). In a class like LaBlast, you’ll be learning and using the same moves with the added benefit of a little sweat.

Whether you choose a traditional ballroom dance class or a dance-inspired workout, or both, you will receive the benefit of great exercise, learning to move your body well, interaction with others that share your interest, and more fun than a treadmill could ever provide!

Well, maybe.


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